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© 2018 Borja Casterad

Borja Casterad was born in 1989 in Barbastro, a small town in the province of Huesca.


Since 2007, he lives in Barcelona, where he studied the Bachelor of Fine Arts. In addition, he has specialized in different studies related to fashion, obtaining the title of Superior Technician in Styling and Makeup, which has led him to collaborate with designers such as Manuel Albarrán, Brain & Beast and Jose IT Spain.


A multifaceted artist, Casterad has embraced different disciplines since its inception, highlighting performance on all of them.

In Costumbrismo Juvenil TV, he addressed his most comedic and extroverted facet. His latest collaboration was Conversaciones sobre el Arte (2013), a program based on interviews with different contemporary artists and designers, in which Borja asks direct and sarcastic questions related to actual subjects that are very tricky. 


In between his dedication to painting on canvas and illustration he has painted murals on a large scale in different cities of the world. The first of them was the one he painted in Lima (Peru) for an event organized for United Colors of Benetton, whose building embodied his artistic ideas, with themes as representative of his work as transsexuality, homoerotic and  the vagina as the origin of the world. He also created a mural in the Flamingo Vintage store, in Tenerife, where he projected some themes taken from Japanese manga, such as Pokemon or Sailor Moon, which appeared mutated with humans on a Yankee aesthetic. His most recent mural was the one he presented for the Inesperadx project, at the Harinera Cultural Center in Zaragoza. He defined it as follows: "Neither day nor night at Monteperdido beach" (Monteperdido means lost mountain). The mural is located in the center of a wall that gives access to two bathrooms, where neither sex nor gender matters.


"The perfect approach of homosexual men is to be dissident with the prototype of masculinity. I reclaim gender dissent. "


The fragrant evolution of his latest projects is perceived in how his works have more aesthetic, balanced and expressive results, as well as his illustrations. He gives the painting a mature and risky touch, although very thoughtful. However, he continues with wide and intense ranges of colors, sometimes compensated and sometimes impossible. "I want it to be completely harmonious," he adds. And in 2017, he takes a step further in the treatment of color in his works. As a result of being colorblind from birth, he teaches, empowers and experiments with new designs from his vision of color and shares it with all of us. He gives to the viewer his own and unique colors. He does not distinguish violet from blue or gray from pink. Neither brown from red or green from brown. Until this moment, Borja had not squeezed this obvious resource, so he turns it around and uses it as his best work tool.


Likewise, Casterad is a properly naive artist. His artistic production is inspired by "children's art" and is characterized by the ingenuity and spontaneity of his subjects. However, his works are imbued with original Primitivism, such as popular imagery, icons, objects and strange dishes, which, together with the No Wave current, result in pieces charged with nihilism and confrontation. An example of it was his collaboration with Los Semejantes, in which he turned a soccer ball into a bleeding brain with screws stuck in suspension from the ceiling next to the other balls of the other artists. Does the human being use the brain? Does he/she manage to give meaning to his/her life? This work was part of the project of Joan Simó in a permanent installation in the Ocaña restaurant, at Plaza Real Barcelona, and former residence of the Andalusian painter, today converted into a recognized establishment of the city.


Obsessive, maniacal, perverse, skeptical, philanthropic, iconoclastic, pragmatic, grotesque, incisive and direct, the artist drinks from sources of inspiration such as the transcendental Phenomenology, Neo-pop and the Queer theory. He focuses on the politically incorrect and aggressiveness, two concepts with which he manages to excite and connect with anyone instantly.